Student name:
Liron Dandeker
Department: Electrical Engineering
Portable Non invasive Device for Measuring the
Peripheral Oxygenation Level (Part B)
2013 1
Continuous measurement of oxygen level and pulse rate is very important for aged
people, pregnant women and in many other critical situations. Pulse oximeters
measure how much of the hemoglobin in blood is carrying oxygen (oxygen
The Purpose Of The Project:
To design and build an innovative portable and available device which indicates on
line the peripheral oxygenation level.
Functional Requirements:
•Continuous measurement of peripheral
oxygenation level.
•Level of oxidation indication of three levels:
normal, suspicious, disturbed.
•Fast and quality result.
Advisor name: Dr.
Nadav Sheffer
Multi disciplinary project based on cooperation between medical
engineering and electrical engineering departments.
The novel device is based on measuring the
reflected light from the tissue. This allows
measurements at more locations, compared
with the existing home care equipment,
which based on light transmission through
the tissue.
• Measurements were taken on the forehead by a
method based on the light absorption feature of
the Hemoglobin’s types.
• Dedicated circuit was built to activate the sensor,
processing the data and displaying the results.
• The result is sent via Bluetooth communication to
an android application for better display.
• The display is done using traffic light: Green
95% 100%, Yellow 90% 94%, Red <90% and
vibration for risk values.
• The signal quality was verified in comparison to
existing measurement devices.
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