Student name:
Ma’ayan Pokshivka
Medical Engineering
Advisor names:
David Ron
Yael Danai Menuhin
Continuous Monitoring of the Delivery Process
2013 1
Cervical dilation measurements are used
as a key indicator of the confinement status.
Each giving birth woman is frequently manually
examined during the delivery process.
The values used to evaluate
the cervical opening ranges
from 0 (closed cervix) to 10
(fully opening).
The commonly used cervimetry
method is called “digital cervimetry”;
it includes insertion of two fingers into the
cervix, and evaluation of the degree of opening.
These repeated cervical dilation examines are unpleasant, subjective and
overloads the delivery room medical staff.
To design and build a prototype of
a continuous monitoring device for
measuring the cervical dilation.
To provide an accurate dilation
measure for medical staff.
To improve convenience of the
woman giving birth.
To allow home monitoring prior to
birth condition progression.
The Innovation
An automatic, objective, accurate
continuous measurement of the
cervical dilation.
Wireless device.
Real time continuous monitoring.
Accuracy up to 0.5cm.
No radiation damage.
Sensor dimensions: up to 1cm
negligible thickness.
Biocompatible, wetness and
moistness resistance.
Disposable sensors and low cost.
Fulfill safety standards.
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