Student name:
Omri Gino
Medical Engineering
Advisor name:
Dr. Zehava Blechman
Portable Non invasive Device for Measuring the
Peripheral Oxygenation Level (Part A)
Wide information on the body's
function can be obtained by
knowing the peripheral
oxygenation level.
The common measurement
method is based on the light
absorption property of the
Hemoglobin’s types.
940[nm] and 660[nm] are the
selected NIRS wavelengths due
to their optimal absorption in
oxyhemoglobin and
deoxyhemoglobin, respectively.
The peripheral oxygen
saturation level (SpO
) is
calculated as a ratio between
the absorption of these two
To design and build an
innovative portable and available
device which indicates on line
the peripheral oxygenation level.
Non invasive, portable, cheap
and convenient device.
Distinction between
oxygenation levels based on
clinical standards.
The novel device is based on
measuring the reflected light
from the tissue. This allows
measurements at more
locations, compared with the
existing home care equipment,
which based on light
transmission through the
A multi disciplinary project
based on cooperation between
medical engineering and electrical
engineering departments.
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