Student name:
Noa Cohen
Medical Engineering
Advisor name:
Dr. Zehava Blechman
The Clinical Experimental Protocol:
This is a research project based on a clinical
trial, carried out in collaboration
with the Dean of
students office. The project is defined as contribution to the community.
To investigate the effect of respiratory training device (RESPeRATE) on test anxiety.
2. Objective
The Experimental Setup
digital blood
pressure monitor
recording and
Biopac system:
ECG signal
respiratory signal
temperature signal
STAI State Trait Anxiety Inventory
STAI S ”right now”
STAI T "generally
The Impact of Breathing Training
Device (RESPeRATE) on Test Anxiety
•In the Western world, there is a great
emphasis on academic achievement and
learning abilities.
• Test anxiety is a relatively common
phenomenon among pupils and students,
often interferes with normal learning, and
lowers test performance.
• The RESPeRATE is a breathing training
device based on musical tunes that is
used clinically for reducing hypertension.
1. Introduction
3. Methods
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