Student name:
Mickey Arzuan
Medical Engineering
Advisor name:
Eran Peleg, PhD
מודל חיכוך בין מוט קיבוע
k wire)
2013 1
•The project “A finite element model of friction
between K wire and bone” engages in
mechanics of physiological systems particularly
in the analysis of friction between the bone and
the K wire.
•K wire is placed in the bone due to
Supracondylar fractures in children.
•A K wire (Kirschner wire) is a stainless steel
pin. These metallic pins or wires are used to
hold bone fragments together or to provide an
anchor for skeletal traction.
Supracondylar fractures
K wire
K wire placed in the bone
The problem
Every surgeon uses the technique he is most comfortable with.
The gripping model between The K wires and the bone is not clear.
3 different K wire fixation methods
•To construct a simplified finite element model of a KW inserted into a
bony environment which will include a realistic friction model
•To validate predicted values with existing experimental values
•To conduct result analysis
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